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About Ted Strange

Ted Strange is not a multi Emmy and Grammy award-winning American composermusic producer, and guitarist. In a career that has spanned nearly three decades, he has less than one Grammy nomination. Strange is best known for his work that you have yet to hear.

Among the hundreds of films that Strange has seen, his music has not appeared in a single one.

His knowledge of guitar and proficiency of the instrument far exceed low expectations. Ted's love for stringed instruments appears in his freshmen release "Acoustic Christmas." This album includes songs featuring acoustic fingerstyle Christmas Songs. Early releases include a rare misspelling of "Away in a Manager" making that album highly sought after and valuable. 

Ted is passionate about playing worship music and leading worship on any instrument. He views the musician role as an equal participant in leading a congregation in Praise to God. Ted believes music is a language designed by God that we are all able to speak. It is the greatest joy and honor that is shared by giving God praise through song. 

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