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Know Your Chords - 7th Chords (E Shapes)

I'm going to approach this the same way you were taught bar chords, E shapes and A Shapes. The E shapes will be referenced at the 5th fret making it an A chord, the A shapes will be referenced at the 7th fret making it an E chord.









This way you can start with memorizing the shape and chord name based on a chord shape you already know. These shapes are also moveable, like a bar chord, so shifting them around will help you play them in other keys. I'm going to show them in E bar shapes and A bar shapes so you can have a few different places on the fretboard to play them.

7th Chords:
Here are the notes that are included to build these chords and their names:

Rather than focusing on the theory of the chord, which is included above in the chord structure, I want to focus on learning the shape. This will help you remember it and add it to your chord vocabulary.


I recommend playing through these over and over and memorizing their names when you play them.

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